burn\ out

v. phr.
1. To destroy by fire or by overheating.

Mr. Jones burned out the clutch on his car.

2. To destroy someone's house or business by fire so that they have to move out.

Three racists burned out the Black family's home.

3a. To go out of order; cease to function because of long use or overheating.

The light bulb in the bathroom burned out, and Father put in a new one.

The electric motor was too powerful, and it burned out a fuse.

3b. To break, tire, or wear out by using up all the power, energy, or strength of.

Bill burned himself out in the first part of the race and could not finish.

The farmer burned out his field by planting the same crop every year for many years.

Словарь американских идиом. — СПб., Изд-во "Лань". . 1997.

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